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Impressive Culture *Life and Shadow*

posted Jun 7, 2011, 10:55 AM by Tony Le   [ updated Mar 23, 2013, 5:56 PM ]
By Tony Le Kim Thuan

 Why I choose black and white for my passion photography even color more attraction. To me black and white photography is a main part of my life, my destiny. Black and white as a self-expression media as impressive cultures.

I was born and raised in a country where civilization has been around for over four thousand years; it is called Vietnam. I travelled cross country from the north to the south boundaries in order to photograph the images sometimes still hidden. The emergence of great cultures as wonderful as a life and shadow is part of the impressive Vietnam.

The images represent the beloved home land and daily lives of life and shadow in each remote region; it was recorded through a camera. My media is photography, an interpreted universal language for communication. Like all other visual arts there is no exception on seeing subjects or interpreting lighting in a natural way and then being self impressive to interpret the dynamic tonal into the final image with sufficient skill to fulfill my artistic vision.

The essence of photography is in a sense the expression of emotions like any other art which has no limitations. I also express those emotions, which share with the mass, and not those which are of my own emotions through lighting techniques. I am not only a communicator; but I am concerned about the great value each culture brings. It is a land with life and shadow even in remote regions.

The images presented are a glimpse into the lives of those living in remote regions. The real desired to see something has to be distinguished from the desire to think something with a hidden and disguised communicative potential.

The photo-artist communicates what the mass wants to say, but are unable to without photograph so without his aid. In the sense, my relation to the mass is not merely an image of my aesthetic experience but a lighting integral part of this experience itself. The life and shadow is a main part of impressive culture. It is not only a wonderful image; it depicts the beauty of ethnic highlander people and their happiness living close with nature. It represents the exquisite natural culture characteristic.

The life and shadow series with lighting interpretation of the daily lives are something more than communication from me to the mass; this collaboration with my beholder that I call “Life and Shadow in Impressive Culture” or another words “Impressive Life and Shadow of Vietnam”. The land, the lives and the people living in a country with a great culture more than four thousand years are now the interpretation of the universal language by these lovely images per generation through seeing the life and shadow of the daily lives.

Travelling cross country gave me a wonderful and strong feeling that the life and shadow is not only the country where I was born similar to what others believed. It is, however, the culture of daily lives similar to other country around the world. Advance photography involves not so much as an increased knowledge of seeing things and techniques as increased sensitivity and powers of light observation and imagination. It requires the capacity for lateral thinking together with recognition that the creative feeling process is a state of continuous flux.

My media of communication used is black and white with interpretation of lighting technique in different feeling forms to present an image. Actually whatever I think, I see, I imagine, I feel through my mind, my heart and even in my soul in black and white as like as human being daily lives. Every grain of this planet Earth, what I see is in their proper black and white tone, in which I may call as reality, the real form of black and white culture characteristic. But the thing that I constantly visualize is every dynamic tone range has different meaning. Sometimes, they are harmonizing with each other and also with conscious or subconscious mind, and sometimes, they invoke an emotion. So in other words black and white present the images of the life and shadow in daily lives as a main part of my life, my destiny. And, what I would like to say is around the clock 24 hours; there are only black and white – everything is black and white and they represent different meanings to me.

In brief, my presentations towards this world, towards the mass of the planet earth are: In reality there are black and white – In harmonization there are black and white – and above all in emotions there are black and white. Black and white in the life and shadow of daily lives of a great culture of Vietnam mean everything to me.

To present or interpret any emotion, any thought provocation, any feeling or awareness to mass I apply black and white as a self-expression media as “Life and Shadow – Impressive Cultures”.