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The Laughing Gulls’ Love Story

posted Jul 17, 2012, 9:45 AM by   [ updated Nov 20, 2014, 9:51 PM by Tony Le ]
I was planning to take pictures of a sunrise in early Spring, but it turned out that I ended up taking pictures of laughing gulls at the seashore.

That was on the early day of March 2012. I left the house at 4:15am and arrived at about 5:50am. After an hour had passed, the sun was in the cloudy sky. So, I decided to look near the boardwalk, which was next to some fishermen. At that time of the early spring season, many hundred thousand small fishes were traveling on the surface of sea water. There were many seagulls, pelicans, brown, white, and blue heron, and great egret, all waiting for the fishes to go by. Among of them were many ibis and laughing gulls.

After I set up my equipment to take the pictures, I saw a couple out of more than 20 gulls. The male gull stood along the shore with the group. That’s when I saw the slender female gull came to his face and gave off an elegant look. He then greeted her with a romantic look, and hugged her neck for a minute. After that, they walked along the shore while the wind gently blew a wave toward their feet. It looked so nice and gave off a cool breeze. During that time, the air was cool and the sun was shining on the water, every time the tide rolled. It made the shore line sparkle thousands of diamonds, which rolled around the gulls’ feet. For a moment, they stopped walking, but then she asked him something. He started touching her in a gentle way, and then he went out into the water for about 15 minutes and brought her a small fish. He fed her the fish and kisses her.

About five minutes later, he touched her with his beak, and then flew above her shoulder. During that time, he kept his wings open while standing on her back. He grasped his feet, which were on her shoulder, and kept still his wings open to control his mating session. I was concentrated on taking the pictures of their actions during the mating course for about six to ten minutes. I was so surprised that no matter how many gulls and people passed by, they ignored them all and kept on mating. After the mating course, the female gull started to become romantic and it looked like she wanted more attention from the male gull. She kept on hugging him for some reason.

For a moment, they looked in different directions. Later in the early afternoon, the male gull had waited a long time for conversation with the femal gull. I thought he got tired of her needs. He turned head in another direction.

Finally, she asked him again, but this time he looked so negative. The male gull just walked away and abandoned her. I was very surprise that he got hungry so quick.