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Youth Honors

Photographic works for the consideration of 

Active Participant Youth ICS     -     High Achievement Youth ICS     -     Best Youth ICS     -     Master Youth ICS 

consisting of 1 division

 Digital Image

Election of Active Participant Youth ICS and High Achievement Youth ICS and Best Youth ICS and Master Youth ICS twice each year.

Closing date: 1st March and 1st October each year

Youth candidates shall submit their works and application forms free of charge to 
the Chairman of Youth Awards Committee

Contact: Prof. Nelu Scripciuc, HonFICS 
General Chairman Cross-Culture Youth and Auspices
Email: - E-mail:
ICS Hqs:

Active Participant Youth ICS (APY.ICS)
One (1) work digital size 1024x768 - minimum 72 via e-mail

High Achievement Youth ICS (HAY.ICS)
Three (3) works digital size 1024x768 - minimum 72 via e-mail

Best Youth ICS (BY.ICS)
Five (5) works digital size 1024x768 - minimum 72 via e-mail

Master Youth ICS (MY.ICS)
Applicant has to submit a portfollio of 10 images numbered from 1 to 10 digital images1024x768 - 300 dpi via e-mail

A portfolio-style of presentation is required - The collection must be coherent from its conception to its realization and presentation