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Federation of Multicultural Photographic Art "FMPA"
Founded by Hon Patron Wellington Lee HonFPSA HonFRPS HonEFIAP and Tony Le Kim Thuan HonEFIAP HonFICS APSA


(Candidate May Apply Sequence FMPA Distinction Any Time - No Limited Time)
For all affiliated societies of USPA SWAN FMPA applicant must follow the sequence apply for the next level on approval of the previous level 

FMPA awards the following distinction titles to the successful photographic artists who have met obligation and requirements of the distinction titles.

Excellence Federation Multi-Cultural Photographic Art (EFMPA)
Applicant who has 100 images accepted with 50 different titles, within a maximum of two years, in at least 50 different international salons of 15 different countries 
under ICS or PSA or FIAP salon patronageincluding 10 AWARDS in 10 countries with 10 images.

Master Federation Multi-Cultural Photographic Art (MFMPA)
Applicant must submit a portfolio of 25 works consist of 5 portrait, 5 documentary, 5 sport, 5 photo daily life in city and in village, 5 nature. 
Applicant may submit a mixed color and black-and-white portfolio. A portfolio-style of presentation is required and must coherent from its conception to its realization and presentation.
digital file size either vertical or horizontal format the longest side length must: 2000 x 1333 - 300 dpi  jpg

Honorary Excellence Federation Multicultural Photographic Art (Hon.E.FMPA)

Hon.EFMPA is the highest service distinction of FMPA. FMPA awards the distinction title to those whose have judged international salon at least:

  • 10 times at the same club, or
  • five times at different clubs by invitation, or
  • chairman of international exhibition at least five times

The salons must be recognized by Photographic Society of America and/or Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique and/or Image Colleague Society, International.
Potential c
andidates must submit the application outlined the photographic services record or judging service must note the name of salon, year, and patronage number. 
Personal photographic achievement is not the weight of such title.

Candidate for FMPA distinction application, please email to: or chairman of distinction service: for further instruction. FMPA distinction is as in ICS distinction.

See fee table attach below.

  • For ICS distinctions - Follow the ONE year period for each level cause this is the main body
  • For all affiliated societies of USPA, SWAN, FMPA, applicant can apply for the next level on approval of the previous level (follow the sequence)
  • Hon Life Chairman ICS & AFFILIATED Societies Honors Committee
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Tony Le,
Apr 24, 2018, 2:29 AM