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United States Photographic Alliance
Founded by Hon Patron Herb Gustafson HonPSA FPSA and Tony Le Kim Thuan HonEFIAP HonFICS


(Candidate May Apply Sequence USPA Distinction Any Time - No Limited Time)

For all affiliated societies of USPA SWAN FMPA applicant must follow the sequence apply for the next level on approval of the previous level 

For those who, by their artistic work, by their photographic achievements know as photographic artists; have contributed and dedicated to USPA or for exceptional and valued service to international photography in general. The United States Photographic Alliance has created high standards of photography principally through the awards of its own recognize and prestige photographic distinctions to those who success it.


L.USPA - Licentiateship USPA        =          50 different acceptances in international photo contest patronage by FIAP or PSA or ICS from at least (10) different countries including 
                                                                    3 AWARDS in 3 countries with 3 different images.

A.USPA - Artist USPA                      =          Portfolio of 12 images with coherence and unity in digital file size either vertical or horizontal format the longest side length must:
                                                                     2000 x 1333 - 300 dpi  jpg
 via email.

E.USPA - Excellence
            =          Portfolio 18 images with coherence and unity in digital file size either vertical or horizontal format the longest side length must:
                                                                     2000 x 1333 - 300 dpi jpg via email.

M.USPA - Master USPA  
                 =          Portfolio  25 images with coherence and unity in digital file size either vertical or horizontal format the longest side length must:
                                                                     2000 x 1333 - 300 dpi  jpg via email.

Images should be numbered 1-12 or 1-18 or 1-25 as appropriate distinction, in the sequence they presented to jury.

Applicants for L.USPA must submit a list of acceptances indicated salons and ICS or FIAP or PSA patronage number. One distinction can be applied any timer following the above sequence.

Certificates designating appropriate USPA photographic distinction levels shall be awarded to successful candidates and international salon exhibitors.
Recipients of the Master USPA distinction may secure “Crystal Plaque” if candidate place in order at additional cost.
Distinction recipients may append after their names the initials of the applicable honor.


ES.USPA – Excellence Service USPA

The ESUSPA, Excellence Service United States Photographic Alliance title is the federation honor level, choice for the exceptional excellence services rendered to USPA, certain person who have positive with great contributed to develop USPA are nominated with two endorsers.

Hon.E.USPA – Honorary Excellence USPA 

The Hon.EUSPA, Honorary Excellence of United States Photographic Alliance title is highest honor of federation. For those who have great contributed and dedicated USPA, are
nominated with two endorsers.

Upon proposition of the directory board, the USPA can exceptionally nominate as lifelong “honorary excellence member USPA” certain persons who have positive with great contributed 
all phases for development of USPA in international levels.

Only photographic organization and individual member affiliated USPA can propose their members, or by himself as candidates for distinctions. A copy of the service honor certificates by candidates holding service honors in FIAP, PSA, ICS; or national; or regional photographic organizations in other countries awarding service distinctions is mandatory with the pplication. 
Un-honored members must submit a complete record of service provided to the photographic art covering: offices and post held, judging, lecturing, writing, and editing, plus elements of community services, and especially of a photographic nature has performed the development of FIAP activities in applicant’s country is mandatory.

Endorsement signature only required.

In order to qualify the high honor ESUSPA title, applicant must obtained photographic service rendered for at least TEN YEARS minimum and current active in the photo arts.
For the highest honor Hon.EUSPA title of federation, applicant must obtained at least FIFTEEN YEARS exceptional service plus photographic achievements and currently active in 
the international photo arts community. Distinction recipients may append after their names the initials of the applicable honor. All application should be made on forms conforming to
the models indicated by USPA. 
No discrimination is made between the candidates, amateurs or professional photographers. No ages limit is imposed. The final decision whether or
not a USPA distinction is awarded belongs to USPA. 
All applications for distinction are examined and evaluated to acceptable service standard and award applicable service certificate
to successful elected candidates by USPA Honors Committee consisting of members of the directory board, or of eminent personalities designated by the Board. Simple majority take without appeal, and decisions.

In order to ensure the complete independence of the Honor Committee, the names of its members appointed by the Chairman Board of Directors are not published. 
Recipients of the Hon.EUSPA distinction may procure a “Crystal Plaque” at additional cost. All USPA distinctions are awarded for life. In case where the holder of a USPA distinction commits a serious offence against USPA, that distinction can be revoked or cancelled by the Directory Board. No appeal is the possible. In special cases of honors the USPA founder 
and/or president will make final decision.

USPA application is as in ICS distinctionCandidate for the USPA distinction application, please email or write to:   United States Photographic Alliance


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