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A Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3)
Charitable and Educational 
CCN: 3897561 - FEIN: 81-2421209

Tony Le Kim Thuan is the president founding the following organizations; the honorary life adviser and chairman of the directory board of ICS, USPA, FMPA, SWAN; the honorary general international salon chairman of these associations. 

Image Colleague Society, a non-profit photographic organization, is a flawless connection for photographers associated worldwide interested in photography and understands the universal language; for those who are passionate in the arts and sciences of photography through international exhibition. 

The national organization individual liaison member FIAP is called "United States Photographic Alliance", for initial named "USPA" was formed as a non-profit entity in the field of the photographic arts, for the express purpose of fostering the growth of international salon exhibiting by U.S. amateur photographers, and promoting the growth of U.S. international exhibition by serving as the liaison office authorized to the salons meeting Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique exhibition operating standards.

The federation multicultural photographic art is called “FMPA” was established as a non-profit photographic organization for express purpose of fostering the growth of cross-culture ethnic minority photo groups residing in U.S. by serving as adviser and liaison office supported wide varieties of activity: photo classes and for those groups who are passionate to organize international salon for ethnic minority communities.

The Swan Ladies Photo Club and more…


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