ICS Board of Directors

                                                 Nils-Erik Jerlemar                Teodor Radu Pantea               Andreas L Andreou                Tony Le Kim Thuan                       Koh Kok Hwa                         Madhu Sarkar                       Bhupest C Little
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Welcome to Image Colleague Society, International

A Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3) - Charitable and Educational USA 

Founded by Tony Le Kim Thuan APSA HonEFIAP. The Image Colleague Society, International was founded in 1985, in Tustin California U.S. is a non profit organisation 
serving as an umbrella connection with passionate photographers associated worldwide who are interested in photography as a universal language of arts and sciences
of photography through international exhibitions to reinforce best quality global photography and promote love, peace and friendship.  
All considerations of political, racial, sex, religious nature, geography and ideological are excluded from the activities of ICS. 


Tony Le Kim Thuan is the president founding the ICS organisations and the honorary life adviser and chairman of the directory board of ICS USPA FMPA SWAN and 
also the honorary general international exhibition salon chairman of these organisations.