Photographic Proficiency Distinction______________________________________________________________________________

1. What is requirement for A.SWAN - Associate SWAN?    

2. What is requirement for F.SWAN - Fellow SWAN?

3. What is requirement for E.FMPA - Excellence Federation Multi-Cultural Photographic Art?

4. What is requirement for L.USPA - Licentiate United States Photographic Alliance?

5. What is requirement for A.USPA - Artist United States Photographic Alliance? 

6. What is requirement for E.USPA - Excelence United States Photographic Alliance?

7. What is requirement for M.USPA - Master United States Photographic Alliance?

8. What is the routing of evaluation and examination for A.ICS and F.ICS and Master ICS photographic proficiency distinction?

9. What is distinction process flow during evaluation?

10. How many member in per honors committee?

11. How many vote of (7) seven committee will be approval for A.ICS and F.ICS distinction?

12. What award if an applicant A.ICS successful seven (7) vote?

13. Does applicant able to know about each committee member's name in per country appointed?

14. How successful candidate duly elected title receive his/hers certificate?

15. Who will signature on the certificate?

16. How about the seal of the society on certificate?

17. Is the candidate able to download print his/hers own honor certificate?

18. What is the portfolio ICS distinction award standard?

19. Can candidate submit a mixed art work portfolio of color and monochrome together?

20. Can candidate submit the art works portfolio in series of a story?