Tony Le Kim Thuan was an EET engineer and a small businessman success in California; self-taught photography of fine art since 1963 in his origin country; he then also studies physic photography and take some extensive courses correspondent at the universities in US and oversea since 1981.  


Presently, the Image Colleague Society have active branches and honorary overseas representatives in Virginia, Oregon, San Jose, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, California of United States, and Malaysia, Kalkota India, Bangalore India, Western India, Eastern India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Romania, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Finland, Singapore, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, etc. 

ICS website: www.icsphoto.us

On December 16th 2000, Tony Le Kim Thuan was duly elected and appointed as an official FIAP acting liaison officer in United States by Mr. Emile Wandersheid HonEFIAP EFIAP president of Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique. He retired acting LO US in 2018 and his full time concentrated service to his Image Colleague Society, International system.

Ten (10) years later (1988-1998) Mr. Jacky Martin HonEFIAP FIAP hon vice president FIAP, member of board directors representing FIAP and one FPF officer of federation photographique de France visited ICS Tony Le Kim Thuan at his Best Color Studio/Photo Finishing Lab in Garden Grove, California USA where the first official meeting held between FIAP and ICS on August 21st 1998 for establishment of a provision FIAP liaison office in US for promotion and development the art photography activities for the salons meeting federation Internationale de l'art photographique exhibition operating standards. 

Soon after, Herb Gustafson Hon.PSA FPSA, Dr. Louis F. Romain FPSA, former PSA Vice  President and Jan Jansen MFIAP HonEFIAP, former General Secretary FIAP were invited to participate as ICS advisors and judges for ICS international exhibitions. Then Tony Le Kim Thuan was nominated and appointed as an overseas honorary life representative of photographic society of New York, pacific vice president of photographic alliance USA and Colorama New York. 

During the time Tony Le Kim Thuan work with advisers and Photographic Society of New York in Manhattan New York; Koh Kok Hwa from Malaysia South-East Asia connected with Tony Le Kim Thuan and volunteer support ICS activities. Koh Kok Hwa become one of the key ICS photographers and assisted Tony Le Kim Thuan in general since September 1989 to date.

ICS registered to become affiliate member of Photographic Society of America, since the date of August 1st 1989. The Image Colleague Society and Tony Le Kim Thuan received guidance and advisory from Wellington Lee, Henry Mass, and C. Rajagopal for express active society purpose which launches its recognition of ICS photographic service and proficiency distinction to international and domestic membership and clubs affiliation. 

Tony Le Kim Thuan, president with honorary patron and subordinate by Wellington Lee, Henry Mass, Sylvia Mass, Dr. Gregory Tansiongkun, C. Rajagopal, Sidney B. Goldstein. The elder Chinese-Vietnamese photographers: Lee Lan Sieu and Vietnamese grand master Phan Van Mui were invited to participate as advisor for Asian-American. 

Tony Le Kim Thuan became a member of PSA, RPS, PSNY and FIAP photographic organizations which expand the new horizons of the art of photography in the international photography communities. He invited many well-known photographers to support the “Group of Amateur Photographers” reformed structure and changed the its name to “Image Colleague Society, International - ICS” dated August 19th 1988 in Tustin California in order to go along with the main stream international photography through several meetings and phones inter-conference held in Brooklyn, New York; Forest Hills, New York; Tustin, California; and Bangalore, India for launching the 

First Board Directors of ICS (1989). The ICS registered as affiliate member Photographic Society of America-PSA 19 August 1989: 

His leadership charisma and artistic abilities allowed him to develop friendships and connections with 

Their collaboration assisted him with photographic information from PSA RPS PSNY PSLI and India in order to combine studied and developed successful photographic organisation. 

Within the two (2) years period, his artistic works gained respect from several well-known photographers also obtained photographic distinctions from the world well-known photographic organisations. 

Nearly over five decades by his experiences in photography he had formed a 

“Group of Amateur Photographers” on August 19th 1985 in Garden Grove / Tustin, California, United States. 

Tony Le Kim Thuan was born in August 19th 1945, in Vietnam  immigrated to United States on December 15th 1980. He attained at School of Electrical Engineering Technologies of Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas w/minor in physic photography since 1981. He moved to Irvine, California in 1985 after finished schooling for his first job as a production management position for a computer manufacturing company. In addition, he owned a sub-contract computer factory DNT Technologies Inc., and Best Color Studio and Photo Finishing Lab (1987 - 2001), and partnership (Vice president) of Phuc Long IDC Transportation Co. overseas (2005-2017).


Furthermore, His partnership has risen with small photographic businesses which gave him the opportunity to meet many devoted amateur and professional photographers. It refreshed his photography passion in fine arts since 1963 now has become his lifelong hobby.

Tony Le Kim Thuan truly was born to serve photography !


ICS international operation committee is hereby granted bio-photography of Tony Le Kim Thuan, founder ICS is a prolific figure in the World photographic art circle worthy as named a photographic "Icon North Star"..


Photographic Society of America - Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique

Summary: Program speaker pictorial photography, regional, and international exchanged print, digital exhibition writer, teach photography, workshop, and field trip, judge regional and international salons in domestic and overseas, author of the new method online circuit exhibition, also the ICS cross-culture photography education project; photography adviser, organized club branches at domestic and overseas operation by ICS international committee under his supervision.

Nature of Patron Service Performed: Photo club/organizer, general adviser/chairman, founding the united states photographic alliance, federation multicultural photographic art, image colleague society, international, etc, photo courses from novice to advance, international judge services, exchange international exhibition for clubs affiliated friendship and overseas solo photo shows by invitation. Furnished extensive funding support international salons annually to regional and international photo groups under his named ICS patronage/sponsorship for developing better understanding the art of photography continued to date.

Service Resulted: In the promotion of pictorial photography, senior adviser/chairman international judge for domestic and overseas photographic clubs and cross-culture photography education has personally accomplished expanding the new horizons of ICS society-bound, varied photography activities resulted in a broad-base of younger generation photography enthusiasts! 

Outstanding attainments cover: Life ICS international general exhibition chairman/adviser has built a good reputation of it and close collaborations with photographic societies/clubs worldwide and contributed tremendously to the expansion of photographic art internationally. Thus, he was awarded strings of top honors for proficiency and service accorded to photography in five continental with the new method circuit salon project in which he is the first author of online inter-countries project and cross-culture photography education research and development project for international exhibitions with most respects.


Photographic Society of America - PSA

Associate PSA (2001); PSA Stuyvesant Peabody Memorial Award (2009); PSA Joseph F. Fallon Memorial Award (2008); Membership Gold Star Plaque (2007); PSA Commendation Pictorial Print Division Service Award (2000); PSA Best Speaker Award (2000); PSA Membership Star Awards of 1st Star, 2nd Star, and 3rd Star (1992); PSA Membership Star Award of 4th Star (1993); PSA Service Award (1992); PSA Creative Award (1992); PSA Honor Award Ribbon (1991); PSA Membership Gold Star (2008); PSA Membership Ruby Star (due); PSA Membership Milestone Certificate (2016)

Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique - FIAP

FIAP Honor Plaque for Promotion Internationally the Art of Photography (2012); Honorary Excellence de la FIAP HonEFIAP (2010); Excellence Service Render de la FIAP - ESFIAP (2000); Excellence de la FIAP - EFIAP (2006); Artist de la FIAP - AFIAP (2001); Auspice FIAP Medal (2004)


Photographic Society of America - PSA

Associate PSA - APSA (2001); PSA MultiStars - PSA*M (1992) and etc.

Photographic Society of New York - PSNY:

PSNY Jubilee 50th Anniversary Gold Medal Award (1999); PSNY Outstanding Service Award (1998); PSNY Best Speaker Gold Medal Award (1999); Honorary Promoter International Photography PSNY of the Century Plaque - HonPIP.PSNY (1999); Honorary Fellow PSNY - HonFPSNY (1999); Fellow PSNY - FPSNY (1994); Associate PSNY - APSNY (1993); Honorary Life Overseas Representative PSNY (1994)

Photographic Alliance USA – PAUSA:

Associate PAUS - APAUS (1992); Fellow PAUS - FPAUS (1995); PAUSA Excellence Service Award (1997); PAUSA Pacific Honor Plaque (1998)

Colorama Metropolitan New York – CNY:

Associate CNY - ACNY (1993); Fellow CNY - FCNY (1996); CNY Gold Trophy Service Award (1998); CNY Society Recognition Gold Medal (1998)

                             History of the Image Colleague Society

United States Photographic Alliance - USPA:

Excellence Service USPA - ESUSPA (2001); Honorary Excellence USPA - HonEUSPA (2000); Excellence USA - EUSPA (2002); Master USPA - MUSPA (2014)

Swan Photographic Society - SWAN:

Associate of SWAN - ASWAN (1998), Fellow of SWAN - FSWAN (1999) - Master of SWAN - MSWAN (2001) - Honorary Fellow of SWAN - HonFSWAN (2002)


Confederacao Brasileira de Fotografia e Cinema de Brasile - AFB:

Honorary AFB - HonAFB (2003); Lifetime Achievement Crystal Plaque (2003); AFB Excellence Service Gold Medal (2003)


Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain - RPS:

Licentiate-ship RPS - LRPS (1992)

Malmo International Photo Society of Sweden - MIPS:

Hon. Excellence Malmö International Photo Society - HonEMIPS (2020)

Tama and PESGSPC of Cyprus - PESGSPC:

HonPESGSPC (2009); Super Photographer Plaque (2010); Honor Plaque TAMA (2010); Obtained 50 Works Permanent Collection for 60 Years FIAP Anniversary (2010), Grand Progress Gold Trophy (2010), Honorary TAMA - HonTAMA (2010), Lifetime Achievement Plaque PESGSPC (2011), High Achievement Global Photographic Award Trophy (2013), Lifetime Constellation Golden Trophy (2013), Grand Spirit Golden Trophy (2015)


Nationale Associatia Artistilor Fotograpfi de Romania - AAFR:

Honorary AAFR - HonAAFR (2002); Excellence Service Gold Medal (2002); Honorary AAF Plaque for Friendship and Execellence Service in Photography (2006)

Argus Fotographfi Societe Din Oradea - ARGUS:

Honorary Fellow ARGUS - HonFARGUS (2002); Honorary Member ARGUS - HonMARGUS (2001); Fellow ARGUS - FARGUS (2002); Master ARGUS - MARGUS Golden Cup Trophy (2012); Golden Plaque of Special Recognition (2012); Lifetime Achievement Award -  Special Honor Gold Plaque (2013); Special Honor "North Star" Golden Medal Grand Master GM.ARGUS (2014); Argus Golden Trophy (2015); Argus Lifetime Constellation Award (2016)

Club Foto Art Nufarul Organization de Romania - CFNO:

Honorary of CFNO - HonCFNO (2007); Honorary Fellow NUFARUL - HonFNUFARUL (2007); NUFARUL Excellence Service Honor Gold Medal (2007)

Nationale Romania Universitatea Din Oradea, Facultatea De Arte Vizuale - NRU Visual Arts Facility:

Profesor Asociat (2007)

Arts Union - Club.Studio “Prostir Photo” Ukraine, Soviet Union - PROSTIR:

Honorary Fellowship of Art Union Prostir - HonFPROTIR (2008). 

Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society - CPE:

Honorary of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society - HonCPE (2018), Artist of CPE - ACPE (2019) - Excellence Service of Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society - ES.CPE (2000)

FotoClubPro Arad - FCPA:

Honorary of FCPA - HonFCPA (2019)


Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique - FIAP:

Honorary Excellence FIAP - HonEFIAP (2008); Excellence Service FIAP - ESFIAP (2000); Excellence.FIAP - EFIAP (2006); Artist FIAP - AFIAP (2001); 

FIAP LO US (2000); Liaison Officer ILFIAP USPA (2004); ICS ILFIAP (2012)

Image Sans Frontier - ISF:

ISF Achievement Award - ISF Pewter Medal (2014)


Arts Union - Club.Studio “Prostir Photo” Ukraine, Soviet Union - PROSTIR:

Honorary Fellowship of Art Union Prostir - HonFPROTIR (2008). 

Photographic Society Russia - Artefact Creation Association Penza Russia - CUA:

Honorary PhotoArtist CUA - HonPACUA (2019)

National Association of Photographers of Georgia, Russian Federation - APG

Honorary Fellowship of Association of Photographers of Georgia - HonFAPG (2021)


United Kingdom Saudi Arabian for Culture & Arts Photographers House -SPH:

Master SPH - MSPH (2006); Honor Gold Medal for Master Photography (2006); Honorary Fellow SPH - HonFSPH (2001); Honorary SPH - HonSPH (2000); Fellow SPH - FSPH (2000); Honor Gold Medal for Outstanding Service and International Understanding through Photography (2001); Honor Silver Medal for Love and Friendship Global Photo Inspiration Through The Universal Language of Photography (2016)

World of Photography Group - WPG Saudi Arabia Middle East:

Master WPG - MWPG (2016), Honorary Master of World of Photography Group - HonMWPG (2019)

Honorary Grand Master World Photography Group- Hon GMWPG (2020)

Abgineh International Photo Exhibition Committee" Golestaneh Art Gallery, Mashhad IRAN - AIPEC/GAG:

Special Appreciation Award of AIPEC/GAG of Iran (2019)


Nature Photographic Society, International (Special Region Hong Kong) China - NPS

Honorary Grand Master NPS - Hon.GMP.NPS (2020)

Japan International Photographic Federation of Japan - JIPF

Honorary JIPF - HonJIPF (2006)  

United Photographers Hong Kong (Special Region) of China - UPHK

Honorary Fellow UPHK - HonFUPHK (2016); Master Exhibitor UPHK - MEUPHK (2016); Honorary Advisor UPSK - HonAdvUPHK (2017), Honorary Advisor of the UPHK Association - HonAdUPHK (2019), Honorary Master Exhibitor of the UPHK - HonMEUPHK (2017),

Professional Photographers International (Special Region) of China - PPI/IARB:

Honorary Adviser PPI (2020), Certified Master Photographer PPI/- CMP.PPI (2020) 


Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists - VAPA:

VN02 Honor Golden Trophy (2002); VN05 Certificate of Work and Author (2009)

Moment Nature Anniversary: TRAN LAM KGPC - VIET NAM

Symbolic "VN National Van-Mieu" Trophy (2019)

PhotoArt Society Batu Pahat of Malaysia - PSBP: 

Honorary Fellow PSBP - HonFPSBP (2005); PSBP Anniversary Special Gold Medal (2006); PSBP Service Gold Medal (2005); Honor Title World Top Photographer (2011); Super World Photographer Golden Trophy (2012), World-Top-Photographer Golden Plaque (2012); PSBP Special Award of Distinguished World-Top-Photographer (2016); Honorary Excellence ICS/PSBP - HonEICS/PSBP (2017).

Sarawak Photo-Art Society, Malaysia - SPAS:

Honorary Fellow SPAS - HonFSPAS (2018).

Asia Photographers Union, Singapore - APU:

Fellow APU - FAPU (2018)


Photographic Society of Pakistan - PSP:

Honorary PSP - HonPSP (2001); Honorary Member PSP - HonMPSP (2002)

Photographic Arts Society of Pakistan-Pakistan Salon Group (Regd) - PSG: 

Honorary Fellowship of PSG - HonFPSG (2011)  


India International Photographic Council of India - IIPC:

Associate Service IIPC - ASIIPC (2000); Fellow Service IIPC (2012)

Bangladesh Photographic Society – PSB:

Honorary Fellow PBS - FPBS (2010); Honor Gold Medal PBS for Excellency (2010), Honorary Fellowship Gold Medal (2010)

Bangladesh Society of Photographic Art - BSPA:

Honorary Fellow BSPA - HonFBSPA (2010), Honorary Fellow Gold Medal (2014)

National Association of Photographers of Srilanka - NAPSL:

Honorary Fellow NAPSL - HonFNAPSL (2008); Fellow NAPSL - FNAPSL (2008); Honorary Master Master NAPSL - HonMNAPSL (2020)

Horizon International Photographic Society- HIPS:

Honorary HIPS - HonHIPS (2007), Honorary Fellow HIPS - HonFHIPS (2008), Fellow HIPS - FHIPS (2007), Lifetime Achievement Plaque (2012)

National Academy Photography-Persona International of India: NAP-PERS:

Honorary Excellence PI - HonEPI (2009); Honorary Life Advisor Committee Member-NAP - HonAdNAP (2007); Honorary Fellow PI - HonFPI (2008), Golden Cup Service Trophy (2012), NAP Special Golden Medal (2012), Lifetime Achievement Award (2014), Honorary Life Member NAP-Personna International (2015) - Honorary Master of NAP/PERS - HonMPI (2019),

Sigma Art Academy Photography India - SAP:

Honorary Fellow SAP - HonFSAP (2015), Honorary Master of Sigma Academy Photography - Hon.MasterSAP (2018); SAP Life Time Achievement Award (2019), Honorary Life Adviser of the SAP Academy - HonLife AdSAP (2019), Global Excellence Photographer SAP - GEP.SAP (2020).

The Shool of Fototechnik, India - SOF:

Honorary Fellow of The Shool of Fototechnik - HonFSoF (2018) and Shool of Fototechnike Silver Plaque (2018)

Andhra Pradesh Photography Akademi A.P. India - APA:

Honorary Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Photography Akademi, India - HonFAPPA  (2018), Honorary of Andhra Pradesh Akademi India - HonAPA (2018)

Wildlife Photography Association of India - WPAI:

Honorary Fellowship of Wildlife Photography Association of India - HonFWPAI (2019)

Phoenix Photographic Society - PPS:

Honorary Fellowship of Phoenix Photographic Society - HonFPPS (2019)

Tricity Photo Art Society - TPAS

Honorary Master of Tricity Photo Art Society - TPAS - Hon Master TPAS (2020)


Association National De La Photographie D' Art Au Benin - ANAPHAB:

Honorary ANAPHAB - HonANAPHAB (2017)

Pharaohs International Photographic Club of Egypt - PIPC

Honorary Advisor PIPC - Hon.AdvPIPC (2021)


Photography exhibition international salons and solo exhibitions associated worldwide by invitation.

*Many other domestic and abroad societies photographic service and proficiency distinctions, trophies and medals award as well as honorary life representative of abroad photographic organisations not record.

Federation Multicultural Photographic Art - FMPA:

Excellence FMPA - EFMPA (1998); Honorary Excellence FMPA - HonEFMPA (2000); Master FMPA - MFMPA (2001)

Image Colleague Society, International - ICS:

Honorary ICS - HonICS (1989); Honorary Fellowship - HonFICS (1993); Honorary Excellence Service ICS - HonEICS (1994); Honorary Excellence Exhibitor ICS - HonEEICS (1995); Honorary International Promoter ICS - HonPIP.ICS (1998); Honorary Excellence I.U.S.F - HonEIUSF (2017); Associate ICS - AICS (1992); Fellow ICS - FICS (1995); Best Photographer ICS - BPICS (2002), Master ICS - MICS (2011); Master ICS/bronze - MICSb (2012); Master ICS/silver - MICSs (2013); Master ICS/gold - MICSg (2014); Grand Master ICS - GMICS (2016); Image Colleague Society, International/Safiiri - ICS.SAFIIRI (2016); Grand World Photographer ICS - GWPICS (2017) - Hon Lifetime ICS Achievement Award - Hon Life.Achiev Award (2014)